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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Kamalnayan slipped easily into this facet of the
role.His sisters,Kamla,Madalsa andUma (see family
tree) weremarriedbefore Jamnalalji died.With some
practice,Kamalnayan learnt to keep a continuous
lookout for likely partners for the hugeBajaj
He carefully sought outNareshChandra for Suman,
Minakshi Jalan for Shishir,KiranDhanuka for Shekhar,
andKumudBagla forMadhur.Kamalnayanwouldno
longer be aroundwhenNirajmarriedMinal Agarwala
andRahul foundRupaGholaphimself.
Through anunmissable red convertible.
Rupa’s father,LTGholapwas anuncompromising ICS
officerwhoasControllerof ShippingandChairmanof the
BombayPortTrust, hadefficientlyoverseen theevacuation
of Sindhi andSikh refugeesfleeingPakistanduring
Partition.TheBajajs at the time livednearby inBhagwati
Bhavan.Rahulmanaged toget himself introduced
toRupa. “Weused to see thecarbutwedidn’t know
Rahul at the time,” recallsRupa’s sisterChitraPamnani.
“Kamalnayanjiwas verygood toRupa. Shewas theonly
non-Marwari daughter-in-law.Rahulwent forhisMBA to
Harvard soonafter thewedding. ItwasKamalnayanjiwho
showedRupahowaMarwari familyworks.”
Kiran recountsKamalnayan’smany kindnesses toher.
“I behaved very badlywhen I firstmet Tauji. Iwas
sixteen, and I didn’t want to getmarried. Imade him
wait 2½hours.When I knewhe didn’t drink tea, I
purposely ordered tea.My family didn’t think theBajajs
would come back, but he did.His confidence inme gave
me lot of confidence and strength to live in a culturally
very different family.”
KamalnayanwithShekhar andKiran, April 25, 1970
RupaandRahulwith the father of thegroom,December16, 1961
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