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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Kamalnayan andSavitri were concerned about
Ramkrishna.He seemed forlorn. “I turned twenty
today,”Ramkrishnahad confessed inhis diary on
September 23, 1943. “I had added onemore year,
but life is shorter by that.”One of the youngest of
, Ramkrishnahadbeen cumulatively
incarcerated in various jails for four and ahalf years.
The boywas now 24 andunmarried. And lonely, even if
he didn’t know it himself.
At 19,Vimla, Savitri’s sister,was abit old tobeunmarried
byMarwari standards, but perfect for his brothermused
Kamalnayan. Vimlahowever didn’t want tomarry, and
had rejectednames her parents hadproposed. Savitri
talkedher sister into consideringRamkrishnawhile
Kamalnayanworked onhis brother.Kamalnayan’s
first attempt atmatch-making turned out tobe rather
successful. “Iwas starved of affection. This I got in
abundance fromVimla,”Ramkrishnawouldwrite later.
RamkrishnaandVimlaweremarriedonMay2, 1947. “I perchedon the
chair’sarm, slightlyuncomfortable,” recalledRamkrishna.
Kamalnayanperforms thebrother’s ritualwithMadalsabefore she
begins the
saat pheras
withShrimanNarayan,Wardha, July11, 1937
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