Kamalnayan Bajaj - page 108

KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
–bySavitri Bajaj
Mataji travelled in trains,mostlyalone. Inspiteof all our persuasion, she refused tohaveanyone travelwith
her. Shecarriedher ownbundleof clothingandbeddingandwouldnot alloweven thecoolie to touch it. She
would reachaparticular station (Bombay, Calcuttaor anyother town).Naturally therewasnobody to receive
her as shedidnot informanyoneof her coming. Someonewould recogniseher anddropherwherever shewas
togo.Weused toget exasperatedandunhappybecauseof herways. But that ishow shewasmade.Herswasa
simpleand frugal lifeandadesirenot tobother anyone.
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