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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
–bySavitri Bajaj
Kamalnayancame toCalcutta.Hewas slim
and tall andwas very simplydressed in shirt, dhoti
and jacket …
I donot knowwhetherhewasaware
of it but the simple Indianclotheshewore suited
Mymotherwas verykeen for anearlyengagement
andmarriage. Kamalnayanandhis familywished
towait for twoor threeyears, till hiseducationwas
over.My father tookme toWardhaandappealed to
Gandhiji. Itwasdecided that theengagementwould
takeplace immediatelyand themarriageafter one
year.Myparentswerehappy. Kamalnayanwas rather
pressurisedabout thewhole thing.
My in-lawsdidnot attendmarriageswhere
notwornby thebrideandbridegroom. I insistedon
wearing the traditional red
saree,whether khadi
ornot. Iwrote toKamalnayanabout it. Itwasmy
marriageandmychoice shouldbe final. Kamalnayan
was veryunderstandingabout thewhole situation.
Heagreed tomywearingnon-
meanthisparentswouldnot attend. Itwasnot a small
concession. Luckily the
sareesarrived in time
and theembarrassing situationwasavoided.
Kamalnayan’soutlookon lifewasbasedona totally
different criteria frommine. Life’sbasicvalueswere
ingrained inhismind.On theotherhand, I hadnever
thought about life seriously. Iwasanaveragegirl,
westerneducatedand reasonably intelligentwho
liked to live incomfort andenjoy life. I loved togo
tomoviesandhorse-racingduring the season.My
friendswere likeme, happy-go-lucky,withnot a
serious thought in theirhead. Kamalnayan’s large
number of acquaintances, friendsand relativeswere
adifferent breedaltogether. They talkeda language
quite foreign tome. It boredme...Usually Iwas
alwaysat loggerheadswithhim.
Kamalnayanwasnomore. Iwish I haddied. I did
not evenget anopportunity toexpressmydeepest
feelings tohim. Inspiteof our efforts it isGodwho
plans for everyhumanbeingand it isalwaysHisPlan
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