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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
I vow to thee…
“Have I done the right thing?” Jamnalal asked
himself as hewaited for the bridal car todrawup to the
porch of Bajajwadi. It’s a question that troubles every
parent whohas arranged amatch for their child.He had
triedhis best.
Kamalnayan oncewrote tohim saying hewanted to
learn riding, rowing, swimming, skating andflying.
That hewanted to travel inEurope, and to visit the
UnitedStates, China and Japan. Andhewanted to
learnEnglish.Well, he had found amodern girl of
many accomplishments for his son. Savitri had studied
inGreat Britain, rowed in the annual regatta race held
byCalcutta’s LakeClub, had travelled toSingapore and
Rangoonbesides Europe. PerhapsKamalnayan could
pick up a tip or two fromher.
Besides,Gandhi approved of Savitri.With the only seal
of approval thatmattered and a red
saree, the
leftWardha forCalcutta.
JamnalalwelcomingKamalnayanandSavitri toBajajwadi
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