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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
himabrief backgroundof his family, his stay in the
twoashrams, his lackof formal educationbut the
deep involvement of his family andhis own in the
freedom struggle includinggoing toaBritish Jail.
Kamalnayanji saidhe came toCambridge to seehow
theEnglish, who ruled India, lookedat the Indian
freedom struggle fromBritain. He saidhewanted
adifferent insight as backhome in India, naturally,
everyonewanted freedom.
Theheadmastermentioned thathehad three
applications from Indiaandhecangiveadmissiononly
toone.Eachof the threeapplicantswashighlyqualified
withamaster’sdegree fromawell-knowncollege.He
askedwhether itwillbe fair forhim togiveadmission
toKamalnayanjiwhowas justaDublinmatriculate in
preference to theotherhighlyqualifiedcandidates.
Kamalnayanjimentioned thathedidnotwant the
headmaster tobeunfair toanyone.He said that
theheadmaster shoulddecidewhether Fitzwilliam
HouseandCambridgeUniversity reallywanted to
educatean Indian student likehimor tobea rubber
stamp for someonewho isalreadyhighlyeducated.
Kamalnayanjimentioned that this is the first time that
acolonywas trying toget independence throughnon-
violentmeansandbecauseof thisGandhiji andhis
father, Jamnalalji (whowasconsidered the fifth sonof
Gandhiji)were fully involved in the freedom struggle.
Kamalnayanji asked theheadmaster toconsider
whether anyoneof the threehighlyqualified students
orhimselfwouldhelpmaintainand improvegood
relationsbetweenBritainand Indiaafter India’s
independence. Inclosing, Kamalnayanjimentioned
thathewould inanycase stayon for ayear or two in
Cambridge tomeet theobjectives forwhichhehad
come there, but if he receivedadmission inFitzwilliam
House, itwouldmake it easier forhim toachievehis
objectives, andof course, beable to studyeconomics
whichhewanted todo.
After a fewdays, Kamalnayanji receivedadmission
toFitzwilliamHouse to study for theEconomics
WilliamSutherlandThatcher,HeadMaster, FitzwilliamHouse, 1924-1954
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