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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Filial reverence is the corner stone of enduringhuman
civilisations, the very basis of continuity in society. Even
aswe inherit our legacies, we need to keep them alive
and take them forward.
This collageof images andwords,which forwant of a
better description canbe calledabook, is a tribute to
Kamalnayanji (Kakaji), not onlyas theheadof theBajaj
family inhis generation
but alsoas aperson
andas anarchitect of
theBajaj groupaswe
now know it. Inhis life
timehe transformed
a tradinggroup to
amongst the top twenty
industrial houses of the
country.The group
todayhas amarket
capof approximately
Rs. 130,000 crore and
aprofit before taxof
overRs. 8,000 crore.
BajajAuto is the third
largestmotorcyclemanufacturer in theworld.The two
BajajAllianz InsuranceCompanies andBajaj Finance as a
consumer finance companyare leaders in their respective
fields.All built on the foundation laidbyKakaji.
It is the changing of course thatmatters in the lives of
individuals andmore so in the trajectory of institutions.
Once the new course is set, it is relatively easy to
progress. Jamnalalji was the founder of the group. But
hewas almost an accidental industrialist. Business and
industrywere incidental tohis interests.Hewas however
an avidhumanitarian, social reformer andphilanthropist
and got involved in industry as ahappenstance.Our
first ventureMukand, occurredbecause a friendneeded
some capital.
Kakaji transformedus from a successful and reputed
cotton trading group to an industrial group. This
he didpurposefully. Even as he carried forward the
family tradition of
contributing topublic
life, be it inpolitical,
socio-cultural or
philanthropic fields.
After PujyaKakaji
passed away on 1st
May 1972, Iwrote a
piece titled ‘My father
– a son’s perspective’. 
It is difficult for a son
towrite something
about his father. I had
stated then, that by
their very nature,most
of thememories are
of a personal kind and one is reluctant toput them into
words.  Inspite of this, I hadput down some ofmy views
about him to shed some light onhis personality and the
kind of personhewas. Parts of the piece have found
theirway into this book.
Apart from the influenceof his father, Pujya Jamnalalji,
itwas the environment andhis ‘education’ in the
Paunar andSevagramAshrams and the family’s and
his involvementwith the freedom struggle,whichmade
Kakaji bothanunusual andanoutstandinghuman
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