Leo inspired stance

Pure muscular proportions with a powerful silhouette is a clear symbol of dominance on the road.

Hybrid of naked and cruiser

A move from the traditional cruiser archetype to the new age power cruiser introducing a new style of riding.

1st in bikes 'Full LED headlamp cluster'

Unique white LED headlamp cluster creates a lasting impression and gives a superior and safe night riding experience as it lights up the road like daylight.

Automatic Headlamp On

Always On Pilot lamps register from a distance as far as 1.5 km on a straight road.

Best in class front disc size (320mm)

Front disk brake provides superior braking going from 100-0 kmph in just 46 meters. Elevates the aesthetics by almost covering the entire front wheel like in sports bikes.

1st in bikes 'Diamond cut alloy wheels'

Usually used in high-end cars, diamond cut alloy wheels add extra oomph appeal.

1st in class 'Reverse LCD speedo'

Showcases information in bright backlit segments with very good contrast ratio for better clarity and superb night time visibility.

1st in class 'Split speedo display'

Splitting the console into primary and a secondary display, it reduces clutter in the cockpit and helps rider to concentrate on the essentials.

1st in class Pulse weaving welding & superior finishing

Premium powder coated slate grey finish on swingarm and frame complements the style of the Dominar.

Engine all black finish with magnesium gold

The engine's all black finish gives a menacing, sporty and premium look while the magnesium gold finish on the engine provides contrast.

Stubby exhaust

Improves engine torque at low revs without compromising anything at mid or high engine revs and lends a characteristic tonal quality to the silencer.

Twin LED rear infinity lights

Instantly identifiable and stands out even in low visibility conditions like fog and rain.

Premium 3 coat chip resistant paint

Paint contains xirallic pigments and resins used in high-end cars lending to superior resistance to abrasion.

Backlit switches

Elevates the switchgear appeal in the night while providing assurance of using the right switch.

Comfortable Premium German seat

Wide and well padded seat has a soft touch and premium fabric feel which provides excellent support for long hours of riding.

High 35PS Power

Power kicks in early and is delivered in a linear way. Even at the top end, has enough reserve power for an add-on rush.

Flat 35Nm torque curve

High torque for cruising around in hilly terrains with an excellent gradability of 28% (14 degree) in 1st gear without shifting gears. Whether you're crawling in traffic or cruising at high speeds the Dominar's 28 Nm @ 3000 rpm does it all with aplomb.

Stress free riding triangle

Engaging yet easy riding stance; Commanding yet comfortable, the Dominar's stance with a 42 degrees lean angle ensures you ride in the saddle without strain.

Top Speed of 156 kmph

Races from 0-100 kmph in 7.56 sec and a top speed of 156 kmph in just 20 seconds.

Twin Spar Perimeter frame

Massive reinforced perimeter frame provides torsional rigidity and lateral strength for superior handling characteristics.

Stamped metal swingarm

Experience a rock solid and glued-to-the-ground ride which acts as a confidence booster for both beginners and experts alike.

Twin channel ABS

In the event of emergency braking, twin channel ABS feature comes into action ensuring wheels do not lock or subsequently skid on any surface.


Slipper clutch

Helps in precise and slick gear shifts at any RPM while providing the rider with complete control whilst decelerating.

Liquid Cooled Engine

Prevents overheating and ensures that there is no drop in performance or change in NVH characteristics even after long hours of riding.

Closed loop Fuel Injection

Ensures precise fuel air delivery in accordance with the riding and ambient conditions resulting in optimum performance. Additionally, it can adapt easily to any kind of atmospheric condition.

Triple spark 4 valve configuration

Ensures faster and complete combustion of fuel air mixture within high performance oversquare configuration giving increased pickup without losing mileage, better revving characteristics and better top end performance.

Wider tailormade tyres

Soft compound tyres are tailormade for higher speeds and provide superior grip in every situation. Also sustain speeds upto 180kmph which exceed the bike's maximum speed ensuring complete safety.

Radial low profile tyre

The low profile tyres have stiffer tread which provide superior grip while cornering, reduces stopping distances and also makes the vehicle more fuel efficient.

Big radiator size with optimized air flow

Tackles extreme riding conditions with ease through faster heat dissipation resulting in consistent performance. It also optimizes airflow and prevents any discomfort to the rider.

Signature engine and exhaust note

Makes its presence felt whenever it passes through with its distinct note at high speeds.

Nitrox assisted 77mm diameter monoshock

A large diameter thick coil spring which helps in mass centralization resulting in superior handling. The additional damping ensures added comfort for both rider and pillion.

Spring on spring on rear monoshock

A double spring suspension with two different rates ensure a superior glide through any sort of bump, big or small.

Relaxed pillion posture with moderate seat height

Unlike most sports bikes, the comfortable and relaxed posture for the pillion rider helps them stay put without the fear of sliding off the seat.

6 speed gearbox

Reduces stress on the gear box and aids in relaxed cruising at high speeds.

Over revving cut off

In case of over revving the engine RPM limiter light will turn on, warning the rider of the risk of damage to the engine. It will also prevent you from revving any further.

No in-gear start with side stand down

Helps prevent the bike from jumping due to start up when in gear.

Tubeless tyres

Reduces the chance of an accident or getting stranded due to sudden air leakage.

Non Corrosive Fuel tank

Corrosion resistant and more flexible.

157mm Ground clearance

High ground clearance of 157mm ensures that you can take the bike off road if required.

Position lamp

Lamp glows as you put the key into ignition and helps motorists to spot you on highways / dark corners of the road.

Four modes headlamp operation

Headlamp operates in four different modes: Position lamp, Automatic Headlamp On, low beam and high beam, covering various riding needs and lighting depending on the time of day.

Rollover sensor

In case the vehicle topples while running, the sensor switches off and prevents the motorcycle from moving / spinning.

Best-in-class 43 mm front fork

Best-in-class fork size aids in nimble slow speed weaves and fast sweeping corners with composure.

LED blinkers

Adds a sporty and premium look and ensures clear visibility even in fog and rain.

1st in class 'Forged integral chain adjuster'

Secures the wheel which is found only in premium bikes.

Steel braided brake hose

Transmits pressure with minimal rubber flex and results in superior braking.

x Ring Chain

The sealing does a better job of retaining grease, reducing chain wear and resulting in a longer life than other chains.

Engine guard

Protects engine from unwanted hits and also redirects air to keep the engine cool.

Critical Warnings Indicators: low battery, low engine oil & coolant air temperature

The indicators raise an alarm as soon as the engine oil level dips below acceptable levels or the condition of the oil isn't up to the mark. At 110 degrees the indicators provide an initial warning. If the bike is continued to be pushed, a limp home mode restricts the throttle and on continuing further the ignition will finally cut off.

EPDM handle bar grip

Soft to touch and resistant to extreme outdoor elements, such as water and intense sunlight.

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