Other Commuters' Safety

A big vehicle is fun to ride in. Absolutely.

But is it fun to have a big vehicle drive past you in full speed? How safe is a big vehicle for people outside that vehicle?

Let’s turn to our physics book to get the answer. It says that the weight and speed play an important role in determining the magnitude of impact. This interprets that big vehicles are not safe for those around it. This is so because they carry a lot of momentum into a collision, causing severe damage to others. What a hard-hitting revelation that everybody, at some point or the other, is at risk when near a big fat vehicle.

Here’s another fact. Big vehicles take longer to turn and demand a wider space. So, even if the driver tries hard to avoid a crash, the vehicle’s weight deters his efforts.

It is very disappointing that most vehicles running on roads are developed without giving much consideration for safety outside the vehicle. Aren’t other commuters as valuable as the occupants?

Bajaj Qute does not come under this category of vehicles. Instead, it is thoughtfully developed to keep everybody safe.

First of all, it’s made to be small in size. And second, it has engines that equip the vehicle to run at optimum city speed. These little thoughts put into Qute go a long way in making it a safe vehicle. They give the driver better control over the vehicle and a little more time to make a split second decision and avoid a collision.

Also, Qute is not a very heavy vehicle. This makes it very receptive and agile. It is able to take sudden turns and halts without demanding much effort or time. And even if something unfortunate were to happen, the damage would be the least. But, just imagine a big vehicle’s impact.

It is a good thing to consider everyone’s safety. Is it not?