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Bajaj V presents Invincible Indians, stories of solid Indians who, by their resolve and determination, performed extraordinary acts for our society.

These are acts that happen all around us, yet go unnoticed. Acts so solid and selfless, they make every Indian’s heart swell up with pride.

We invite you to help spread these solid stories and help find more such Invincible Indians, whose efforts deserve to be recognized.

Honour those who carry an invincible spirit of doing good for others.

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BIPIN GANATRA- Aagun Pakhi, THE FIRE BIRD, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

Happy Uncle

Pravin Tulpule

A Navy veteran of 17 years, Pravin Tulpule now dresses as a clown and performs in hospitals, old age homes and orphanages all over India.

GIRISH BHARADWAJ- Bridgeman, Bajaj V Invincible Indians


Girish Bharadwaj

Padma Shri winner Girish Bharadwaj stepped up and connected hundreds of villages. He has designed and built over a 100 river bridges with the help of the locals, connecting them to their dreams

JADAV PAYENG- Forest Man, Bajaj V Invincible Indians


Gurmangal Dass

Keeping kids away from drug addiction through sport, Gurmangal Dass is shaping the future with the Youth Football Club.

Dada Rao Bilore- Pothole Dada, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

Pothole Dada

Dadarao Bilhore

Dadarao Bilhore lost his son to a pothole-related accident. Ever since, he has made it his mission to make Mumbai pothole free.

JADAV PAYENG- Forest Man, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

Forest Man

jadav payeng

When returning from his Class 10 exams, Jadav Payeng was surprised to see a deserted sandbar. He began planting trees along the river and today, over three decades later, he has successfully cultivated forests over 1,360 acres of land.

BIPIN GANATRA- Aagun Pakhi, THE FIRE BIRD, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

Aagun Pakhi

{the fire bird} bipin ganatra

Over 40 years ago, Bipin lost his brother in a fire. Ever since, he has dedicated his life to fighting the flames. Today, he is a honorary member of the Kolkata Fire Department, and has tended to over 100 fires.

CHEWANG NORPHEL - The Ice Man, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

The Ice Man

chewang norphel

Known as The Iceman of India – Chewang Norphel has created 15 artificial glaciers. His efforts have led to an increase in agriculture and irrigation facilities have improved in Ladakh.

OMKARNATH SHARMA - Medicine Baba, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

Medicine Baba

omkarnath sharma

Known all over Delhi as Medicine Baba, 80 year old Omkarnath Sharma asks for medicines to help those who cannot afford them. He collects the medicines and donates them to charitable dispensaries run by AIIMS and other medical institutions.

KARIMUL HAQUW - Ambulance Dada, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

Ambulance Dada

karimul haquw

After losing his mother due to lack of timely help, Karimul Haque started a bike ambulance service. Today, Karimul has saved over 3000 lives. He serves 15 different villages in his vicinity and is known as Ambulance Dada.

HAREKALA HAJABBA - Oranges for Education, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

Oranges For Education

Harekala Hajabba

With a vision of free education for the poor, a simple man from Mangalore set out on a mission. By walking 25 km every day to sell oranges, he has now started a school where over 150 students receive a free education.

AABID SURTI- Mumbai’s Water Warrior, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

Mumbai’s Water Warrior

Aabid Surti

Throughout his childhood, Aabid Surti witnessed his mother struggle to gain access to water. Today, to save every drop, he fixes leaking taps and pipes all over Mumbai for free. Since he began, Aabid has conserved nearly 3 million litres of water.

JITENDRA SINGH - The Patriotic Security Guard, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

The Patriotic Security Guard

Jitendra Singh

For 17 years, Jitendra has written letters to the families of martyrs. He reminds their families of the importance of defending the nation. Jitendra wanted to join the army and now holds the same dream for his son.

SANDEEP DESAI- The Begging Professor, Bajaj V Invincible Indians

The Begging Professor

Sandeep Desai

A retired professor, Sandeep Desai believes education is a basic human right. Boarding local trains every day, he asks for donations to his cause. In 7 years, he has collected over Rs.1 crore to provide those in need with a better education.

VIJAYLAXMI SHARMA- Didi, Bajaj V Invincible Indians


{the elder sister} Vijaylaxmi Sharma

22 year old Vijaylaxmi Sharma has battled child marriage since her friend lost her life to the social injustice. Every day, she fights tradition to rescue the innocence of the village girls. She has prevented 25 child marriages so far.

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