CIN L35912MH1975PLC018376

Details of Business
The Company, which was incorporated on 11th June, 1975, started manufacture of "Priya" brand of motorised geared scooters from 13th August, 1976, in technical know-how / collaboration with erstwhile BAL. Subsequently, the Company started manufacture of "Bajaj Super" / "Bajaj Chetak" models of scooters and with the gradual shift in consumer preferences from geared scooters to the motorcycles, the Company discontinued production of geared scooters effective 1st April, 2006. The manufacturing activity of the Company is currently restricted to the manufacture of pressure die casting dies, jigs and fixtures, primarily meant for two and three - wheeler industry.
Board of Directors
Shri Madhur Bajaj - Chairman
Shri V.L.Rajale
Shri Sanjay S. Degaonkar
Shri Naresh Patni
Shri Yogesh J.Shah.
Shri Sanjiv Bajaj
Shri Sadashiv S.Survase
Ms.Vrushali Agashe
Shri Abhinandan More
Shri Ranjit Gupta - Constituted Attorney
Shriniwas Pathak - Chief Executive Officer
Shri R.B. Laddha - Chief Financial Officer
Shri N.S. Kulkarni - Company Secretary
Board Committees
Audit Committee
Yogesh J.Shah – Chairman
Naresh Patni
Sanjay S.Degaonkar
Stakeholders Relationship Committee
Yogesh J.Shah – Chairman
Sadashiv S.Survase
Sanjiv Bajaj
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Yogesh J.Shah – Chairman
Sanjay S.Degaonkar
Naresh Patni
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Yogesh J.Shah – Chairman
Sanjiv Bajaj

Shri V.L.Rajale

Companies Act / Listing Regulation Compliances
Code of conduct for Directors and senior management Intimation of Board Meeting to Stock Exchanges
Remuneration Policy Publication of Notice of Board Meeting in the newspapers
Policy on materiality of related party transactions Details pursuant to Rule 5 of the Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel) Rules, 2014
Vigil Mechanism Newspaper clippings of Extract of Unaudited Financial Results for the quarter ended June 30, 2016
Terms of Appointment of Independent Directors Publication of Notice of Board Meeting in newspapers
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Intimation of change in Director
Code of Fair Disclosure and Conduct Dividend Distribution Policy
Policy for determination of Materiality for Disclosure of Events or Information Notice of 42nd Annual General Meeting
Archival Policy for Disclosure to Stock Exchanges Public Notice(s) of 42nd Annual General Meeting
Public Notices of Board Meeting in newspapers Business Responsibility Report 2016-17
Resignation of Ms.Vrushali D.Agashe as Independent Director Change in Directorate
Qualification of company as a Core Investment Company Resignation of Director
Newspaper publication of Unaudited Financial Results Public Notice of Board Meeting scheduled on 16 May 2018
Familiarization Program for Independent Directors Public Notice of 43rd AGM, Book Closure and E-voting Intimation
Intimation of Board Meeting Public Notice - unclaimed dividend / Shares liable for transfer to IEPFA
Declaration of Interim Dividend – Record Date – Date of Payment Business Responsibility Report 2017-18
Newspaper Publication of Notice of Record Date for payment of Interim Dividend    
Intimation of Board Meeting    
Newspaper Publication of Notice of Board Meeting    
Notice of 41st Annual General Meeting / Route Map of venue of meeting    
Newspaper publication of Notice of 41st Annual General Meeting and Remote E-voting    
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