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While Bajaj Auto has yet to receive any communication from global ncap, basis media reports our comments are as follows -

1. Do we infer basis the results that we have seen that the Qute has achieved a safety rating on par with several European quadricycles & superior to many other European quadricycles?

The answer is yes.

2. Do we infer basis the results that we have seen that while the Qute has achieved a 1 star rating in its category of quadricycles, several popular small cars have achieved a 0 star rating in their category?

The answer is yes.

3. Did we therefore mean to suggest that the Qute appears to have done RELATIVELY better in its tests than those cars did in theirs?

The answer is yes.

4. Did we mean to suggest any more than this by implying that quadricycles & cars are one category, undergo the same tests, & hence that these results are DIRECTLY comparable?

Absolutely not.

We would equally respectfully suggest that in the future global ncap reflect a little longer & exhibit greater maturity in drawing conclusions before venturing to cast unwarranted aspersion upon an organization that has a track record for integrity & performance as does Bajaj Auto.

Rajiv Bajaj,
Bajaj Auto, India.

Friday 8th April 2016.