Mr Chandra is a director on the following boards:


Naresh Chandra

Naresh Chandra (born on August 1, 1934) is a postgraduate in mathematics and alumnus of the prestigious Allahabad University, where he also had a brief stint at teaching. A former career civil servant, he has had a long innings in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) from May 1956.

He has served on many distinguished panels and committees, including:

  The Naresh Chandra Committee on Corporate Audit and Governance appointed by the Government of India in 2002 to enhance corporate reporting and accountability. He headed the committee and is the architect of the far-reaching recommendations made by it.
  · Ambassador of India to the United States in April, 1996.
  Indian co-chairman of the US-Technology Group and Member of the Indo-US Economic sub-committee.
  Leader of the first official delegation to the US in 1992 to promote US investments in India. He has been deeply involved in several important conferences organised subsequently in the US by business development groups.
  Appointed senior adviser to the Prime Minister of India in August 1992.
  Governor of the State of Gujarat.
  Member of the Indian Space Commission and the Indian Atomic Energy Commission from 1990-1992.
  Cabinet secretary, the highest post in the Indian Civil Service, in December 1990.
  Secretary to the crucial Ministries of Water Resources, Defence, Interior and Justice from 1987 to 1990, Government of India.
  Adviser to the Government of Jammu & Kashmir in 1986.
  Commonwealth Secretariat Adviser on Export Industrialisation and Policy in Colombo from May 1981 to May 1984;
  Chief secretary, Rajasthan.
    He is on the board of Bajaj Auto Ltd since January 15, 2003.
Bajaj Auto Ltd
Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.
Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd
Bajaj Finserv Ltd
Cairn India Ltd
Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd
Electrosteel Castings Ltd
Vedanta Resources plc, London