Bajaj Distinctly Ahead

REVIEWS, 12th Feb 2007 Review

Bajaj Auto has once again decided to enter the scooter market after taking a break from the segment and discontinuing the production of all its earlier scooters. Even the Saffire and the Wave they dispensed with so as to come up with a clean sheet approach to scootering. And that's exactly the spirit of pushing the envelope beyond physical limitations which they have wrought into this new machine, similar to what we first saw in the Pulsar in 2002. The original king of the scooter market means business and that is evidently Kristal clear. You'll understand as we roll on....

But here is the real mention of things that one should take a note of. Just like its other offerings, the Kristal is also a feature-packed product from Bajaj. Though the bike looks compact and small against its competition, it has the best under-seat storage capacity with 22-litres of storage space. The fuel filler lid is located in the front for convenience during tank-ups. The operation is also easy as you just have to turn the ignition key to the left and the cap will flip open. To utilize that enormous storage, just turn the key to the right and that will unlock the seat. There is a new gizmo which Bajaj terms 'Smart Light'. It activates the parking lamp and the dashboard backlight as soon as the sensor notices that the ambient light has reduced to considerable levels. There is another safety feature that has been incorporated in the scooter. Bajaj has given an accelerator lock inside the throttle grip. It prevents miscreants from fiddling around with the throttle. There is an additional hook provided in the front next to the ignition switch, There is an additional hook provided in the front next to the ignition switch, which can be pulled out for hanging shopping bags and other stuff. An equally funky and high-raised grab-rail has been placed at the back, making it easier for pillions to hold on to.

To sum it up, the Kristal scores well in almost all departments of the game. It looks good, runs well, handles brilliantly and returns good fuel economy.

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