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Women Empowerment

As a part of social development, JBGVS programmes are designed to develop local leadership in the villages, empower women through SHGs, promote local cultures, rural sports etc. The idea behind these activities is to empower people and particularly youth & women so that they carry forward the development activities once JBGVS withdraws from the villages. Mahila melavas (get-together of women) are organized to increase interaction amongst women and also to raise awareness about social issues like dowry, female foeticide, drinking, domestic violence, pollution, menace of plastic use, environmental degradation etc.

50 Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been formed in Sikar district of Rajasthan. A revolving fund of Rs.1.5 lacs has been created which they use to leverage their own fund while taking bank loan. So far the Groups have given internal loan of Rs. 25 lacs with 100% repayment rate.

Self Help Group-Sikar
Mahila Melava
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