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Self Reliance

We help farmers to improve their economic status through agriculture, dairy development, support to individual and group entrepreneurs, goatery etc.

i) Dairy development- Kamdhenu cow project was started in 2004-05 in 5 villages has now spread to more than 30 villages and has created a noticeable impact. Under the project, one crossbreed cow is given to a poor family after assessing their capacity to manage. The aim is to improve the economic condition of the poor farmers through dairy. So far 500 crossbreed cows have been given which is multiplying every year. There is a potential for increasing the income of a family by about Rs.72,000 per annum.

ii) Goat rearing projects owned and managed by women- Farmers are taking up supplementary source of income to sustain their family in the villages. Looking at the changing needs, JBGVS is providing a unit of 5 animals consisting of 4 female and one male goat to a BPL/EWS family to start a goatery. The family can sell animal at the time of need. An increase in economic status of the families is encouraging. Over the years JBGVS has distribution 2500 goats to BPL/EWS families.

Goat Rearing
Dairy Development