Bajaj Distinctly Ahead



After the awesome new Pulsar 200NS, we didn’t think the company could do any wrong - and they have proved us right with the new Discover ST.


The Discover 125ST looks big and handsome, has got features to show off like the first in class monoshock and 4 valve engine and got an extremely agile and sporty handling with comfortable ergonomics. Fuel efficiency has never been an issue with Discover (and Bajaj bikes) and we can safely expect a decent fuel efficiency figure from this new Discover as well.


The bike feels peppy in city with lots of bottom end torque. Gear ratios are short, and the bike has no trouble pulling from low speeds in higher gears. The throttle feels light and crisp, and coupled with the light weight of the motorcycle makes riding in the city a breeze.


The handling is light yet confident. The front petal-disc brake has a strong bite for quick stops. A mono-shock at the rear is a first for this class and is a useful feature for potholed roads.


The ST brings just the right amount of sportiness into the equation, yet, wonderfully balances all the traits required for a good commuter. It's effortless, this motorcycle, but doesn't take the joy out of motorcycling.


The highlight of the new bike is a Nitrox-damped monoshock suspension at the rear.

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