Weekend escapes from Vijaywada

Ah, Vijaywada! Do you know you stay in one of the Global Cities of the Future? While there are many things to be done within the city, on a weekend, it wouldn't be a bad idea to hop onto your bike, your wife on the pillion, and zoom away to someplace new. Here are some places you could escape to!

  • Image courtesy - verythai.co.uk

    1. Pay homage to Lord Shiva at Amaravathi

    Take a gorgeous road parallel to the Krishna river for 40 km, and you will reach the small town of Amaravathi. The town has gained prominence recently since the state of Andhra Pradesh has decided to name it as its capital. To get there, get onto NH9 and then turn right at the beautiful Prakasam Barrage over the Krishna river. This is a perfect spot to take a selfie with your wife! Once you get off the bridge, take a right to get onto the Amravati Road.

    Once you're there, pay your respects to Lord Shiva at the famous Amareshwara Temple, and see the Buddhist Stupa. Relax and then head back along the same route – stop to take in some sights of the Krishna river, before stopping at the ISKCON temple before the Barrage. Let spirituality soak the two of you (and your bike!) over as you head back home, refreshed!

    Vijaywada to Amravati route - http://bit.ly/1FraP3W

  • 2. See some lovely sights at Khammam

    On the over side of the river, 126km away is Khammam, a beautiful city on the banks of the Munneru river, a tributary of Krishna. There is ample greenery on both sides of the NH9 which you will be zooming down – but do keep a watch out for the many cows and bulls that share space along with automobiles on the roads!

    What do you do once you're here? Why, head for the Fort of course. If you are the type who likes nature, take your wife to the gorgeous Palair Lake for adventure sports and boating Now that will give you two a lifetime of memories! Before you return home, don't forget to make her even happier by taking her to the Bazaar which is famous for bangles and footwear.

    Vijaywada to Khammam route - http://bit.ly/1z5Hb35

    Image courtesy - indiamonuments.org
  • Image courtesy - traveltrendztv.com

    3.Hit the waves at Suryalanka

    Perhaps enjoying the beach is what you're looking for? In which case, head southwest to Suryalanka on the East coast of the country, just short of 100 km away. You will be zipping down NH5, passing the Mangalagiri Forest, before cutting left on the Guntur-Ponnur Road.

    It's a surprisingly clean beach and it's perfectly safe to get into the water. Build a sandcastle together, frolic around in the water, perhaps even write your names on the sand! We recommend staying over on a beach resort and enjoying the crystal blue waters of the Bay Of Bengal. This way, you can enjoy a romantic early morning walk before the crowds set in, greeting the sun go up!

    Vijaywada to Suryalanka route - http://bit.ly/1Ovkqwy

    So, what are you waiting for? Your bike and some awesome getaways are all you need to have a fantastic time with your loved one on the weekend!

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