Waterfalls, homestays and greenery await you: 5 lovely getaways from Mysore

If you live in Mysore, you're really lucky. You live in a wonderful city with so much to see and do. But if you'd truly like to surprise your wife, tell her to get ready for a fantastic ride, hop on your bike and zip away for a lovely trip. There are so many places you can go! Here's a small selection for some truly zing-zong memories!

  • 1.

    Off to the jungle!

    Escape the urban jungle and head to a real one. Ride off to Kabini, with its thick forests and the riverside sights just 75 km away. Start from home and you'll be there in less than 2 hours. Ride up to Kabini Dam and take a break from the journey. Wander around the lake that it forms- the Mastigudi Lake- a perfect backdrop for taking pictures (and, who can forget, some couple selfies). The route from here to Kabini Forest Reserve is a bit rocky, so ride carefully, but the silver lining to that is that your wife will hold on to you real tight! The ride will be more than worth it when you reach the forest. You can choose to make it a day trip and explore the lush wilderness, or you could stay at the many lodges, and have an entire weekend of being close to nature. If you choose the latter, you could wake up to the call of the wild, and get a chance to spot some magnificent animals - Elephants, chitals, and if you're lucky, some tigers and leopards. A beautiful place to make beautiful memories.

    Mysore to Kabini- http://bit.ly/1vpxCU7

  • 2.

    Greenery and food await you at Coorg

    You can never go wrong with Coorg. Ride over the beautiful hilly roads surrounded by abundant greenery, over 130 km. Hold each other tight because it might get a little chilly, and brace yourself for the sights that are about to come. Once you reach (around 2.5 hours after you set out), check into a traditional homestay for the night and make sure to enjoy the delicious homemade local food. Wake up early and watch the sun rise above the sprawling estates and plantations all around, and slip in a romantic stroll in the dawn's early light before a ride to the main sights- Talacauvery and Madikeri Fort. You won't want to miss the crystal clear Abbey falls and Irppu falls either – hum a couple of romantic songs here! A quick stop at the local market to pick up some aromatic spices and freshly ground Coorg coffee for home and you can start the beautiful ride back home!

    Mysore to Coorg- http://bit.ly/1A8mCQr

  • 3.

    Get closer to nature!

    Chikmagalur is where you should go if the two of you want to get some distance from home, enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, see some wildlife, participate in adventure sports, and so much more! It's 178 km away, so get set for a relaxed four-hour ride. Visit the Ayyanakere lake, Manikyadhara Falls, ascend Baba Budan Giri Hills! And then from here, Kemmangundi is just a short ride away, where you can visit the lovely Rose Garden. Imagine walking through a garden full of aromatic roses, with your better half by your side... just before riding to Kudremukh to explore the dense forests there.
    One weekend. So many places visited. The two of you will soon conquer Karnataka with your bike.

    Mysore to Chikmaglur- http://bit.ly/1Bl2Y2W

  • 4.

    A gorgeous little hill station!

    But why restrict yourself to Karnataka? Kotagiri in the Nilgiris is just 160 km from Mysore. That's just around 4 hours of a pleasant ride with the wind in your face and your wife's arms around you. The route is green, and beautiful, but pales before the place itself. Kotagiri is a gorgeous hill station with pleasant weather all year round. It's noted for its tea plantations and the various tea factories, where you can try new flavours and types of tea. The green plantations are a perfect place for a picturesque, secluded picnic for just the two of you, followed by a trip to the stunning Catherine falls. Splash around in the clear water, towel off, and keep exploring.

    Mysore to Kotagiri- http://bit.ly/1D4iqC0

  • 5.

    Kerala Calling

    Wayanad in Kerala is easily accessible on your motorbike, being just 130 km away, and you'll get to see the lush beauty of the Western Ghats as you head to this popular town that's just 2.5 hours away. Once you get there, check in and go for a slow boat ride on Pookode lake, surrounded by abundant greenery. And don't miss Kuruvadweep, a quiet delta system bursting with exotic flora and fauna. After getting in touch with nature, rise above the world by riding to the Lakkidi Ghat Pass. The road uphill to the highest point in Wayanad will allow you to capture the splendour of Kerala, and make for some stunning pictures. And of course, you can wind up your day by indulging in traditional Ayurvedic massages to rejuvenate yourselves. A few days here is the perfect break from your daily routine; a perfect romantic vacation for that perfect couple who enjoys having it all- adventure, nature and relaxation.

    Mysore to Wayanad- http://bit.ly/1y47fu7

    So hop on your bike and explore Mysore and all the beauty around it. One destination at a time, just you and your love, riding into the sunset.

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