Ride like kings around Rajasthan: weekend getaways from Jaipur

Living in Jaipur has its perks. Beautiful architecture, old world charm coupled with the feel of an upcoming metropolis, and of course, the whole of Rajasthan for you and your wife to discover, on your motorbike. Here's our selection of trips for you to add some royal zing-zong to your life!

  • 1.

    Find your Rajasthani roots

    Get away from the buzz of daily life, and take your better half to spend an entire day at Chokhi Dhani for a traditional Rajasthani experience. Less than 25 km away from the main city, you'll be there in a jiffy, but you definitely won't want to leave. Here the two of you can enjoy an authentic Rajasthani meal, complete with the rituals and customs that go with it. You can watch puppet shows, see the local art, or just wander around hand in hand, looking at all the sights, the sounds, the colour, the music! And don't forget the camel ride at the end. Seat your wife in front of you and hold her tight throughout, and she'll return the favour as you ride back home at the end of the day.

    Getting to Chokhi Dhani- http://bit.ly/1A8rkxn

  • 2.

    Discover the largest salt lake in the country

    A mere 72 km and 3 hours away from Jaipur is Sambhar. A smooth ride down NH8 guarantees a fast ride with the wind rushing past you, and the tang of salt in the air. This is because Sambhar has the largest salt lake in the country. Walk around the lake and you'll spot some dainty, elegant flamingos. Slip your arm around your wife's waist and take a selfie with a horde of flamingos in the background. It's sure to beone of your favourite pictures together. Hop back on your bike and ride back, because the next adventure is right around the corner.

    Getting from Jaipur to Sambhar- http://bit.ly/1xf9dWG

  • 3.

    The most carefree place in Rajasthan – just a couple of hours away!

    A little more than 2 hours away from home is the delightful little town of Pushkar. Ride along the open highways of Rahasthan to Ajmer first, because this is a 2 step journey. You'll need to ascend a hill to get to Pushkar and as you navigate the sharp hilly bends and turns, you'll be able to see Ajmer fall back behind you. The air will get chillier and Pushkar will appear in all its glory, just 140 km away from Jaipur. This town is an unusual mixture of religious and relaxed, spiritual and carefree. Sit on the banks of Pushkar lake and gaze over the rolling hills and landscape that you see in the distance. Walk through the crowded vibrant markets, where you will see people selling things ranging from the mundane to the unexpected. Share a meal at the famous food stalls, and surprise your better half by gifting her something she loves, for no reason at all. Pushkar is one place you'll want to keep returning to, again and again.

    Getting from Jaipur to Pushkar- http://bit.ly/1y49PQz

  • 4.

    Spot a tiger!

    Hop on your bike and ride to Ranthambore. We hope you keep your camera safely in your wife's bag, because you're going to want it. The first part of the ride is smooth, but crowded. Be patient though because the next bit will thrill you. Smooth roads, no traffic and the wind buffeting you as you ride onwards together, excited by the destination you're aiming for. Just 150 km away from Jaipur, you can be at this gorgeous place in less than three hours, and you'll wonder why you never came here before. Ranthambore National Park is one of the best in the country. Go on a safari and you might just spot a majestic tiger basking in the sun. Then head on to Ranthambore fort- a towering structure that will give you many chances to take some unforgettable pictures. As you go home, plan your next trip together. Why wait?

    Getting from Jaipur to Ranthambore- http://bit.ly/1rxyt9V

  • 5.

    Beautiful birds, beautiful Bharatpur

    If you want to see pretty things, you don't have to look further than your wife, but if you want to see some lovely wildlife, hop on and zoom off to Bharatpur, just 185 km away. The road is well maintained and excellent so you'll enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride, but get set for a few bumps towards the end. Ask your wife to hold on tight and soon enough you'll be there. The whole ride will just take about 3 hours, and you'll spend a lot more time marvelling at the sights you see. The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is among the most famous in the world. A stroll through its lush greenery will reveal the hundreds of kinds of birds, animals, fish and even exotic flowers. Get in touch with nature and rekindle your love with the sights and sounds of nature surrounding you.

    Getting from Jaipur to Bharatpur- http://bit.ly/1A9LiYx

    As you head back home reminiscing about the fantastic places you saw, you're sure to get closer, with your love for the outdoors only being paralleled with your love for each other. And now...Onwards to home? To your next destination? The world is yours to discover.

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