Bhubaneshwar beckons: serene rides, sandy beaches and safaris!

Bhubhaneswar is not without its charms. Hills, lakes, rivers, and a refreshing mix of ancient architecture and upcoming modern infrastructure makes your city a charming place to live, not to mention the splendour of the temples that dot its landscape. But if you and your wife want to get out and explore a little, you have no dearth of options of places to ride to.

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    Peace and beauty at Dhauli

    Very close to Bhubhaneswar, just around 10 km away, Dhauli is a wonderful evening getaway for the two of you. Whether on a weekend, or even when you come home early from work, you can just hop on your bike and ride down in half an hour. Cross the Daya River and zip down Puri road till you reach the Shanti Stupa. This beautiful structure symbolises peace and love, and it's sure to stir these very feelings in you as the two you walk hand in hand through the towering white building. Take some photos of your wife with the many statues and edifices, lean against her and take a selfie with the famous lion statues, with the Daya river plains spreading out in the background. Relax there with some peanuts and watch the sun set slowly, before the short ride back home.

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    Temples, beaches and beauty in Konark.

    A perfect weekend for you and your love is just an hour away. Konark is just 65 km away from home, and the route to get there is lovely. Leave early, before the sun is up and you can ride in the dark, with the birds chirping around you and stop to watch the sunrise, with your arms around each other. You'll reach Konark quite early in just over an hour, where you can see the famous Sun Temple in all its glory, before the crowd gets there. The beauty of the architecture will leave you awestruck, and as your wander around the temple, camera in hand, you won't be able to resist clicking pictures of your wife against the stunning backdrop. You can then wander around the city market, where you can surprise your better half with some special local handicrafts as a memento. A quick ride down to Chandrabhaga beach will show you the thriving social life that Konark has to offer, as well as the natural beauty of the Bay of Bengal. Park your bike, roll up your trousers, wander on the beach, and don't hesitate to wade into the inviting water. Splash your wife with water, ignore her protests and envelop her in a hug. Your ride back home is sure to be full of laughter, at a day well spent.

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    Of serene rides and sandy beaches- Puri!

    Instead of heading home after visiting Konark, if you decide to ride to Puri, your journey will be an absolute delight. It takes less than an hour to get to Puri since it's just 35 km away, so don't hesitate to extend your trip! The Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road is a winding seaside route that is windy, green and beautiful, and it's sure to be one of the calmest most picturesque rides you two have been on. It cuts through the Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary, so ask your wife to keep the camera ready in case you spot some black bucks, or a variety of other wildlife. You can take a detour and visit the Olive Ridley sea turtle nesting ground near the mouth of the river Devi, for a quiet moment with just each other, and some beautiful endangered creatures. When you reach Puri, you'll see a vibrant city buzzing with spirituality and cheer. Visit the Jagannath temple, and make sure to head to the beautiful sunny beaches. Park your bike, make yourself comfortable on the soft sand, and rest your wife's head in your lap as you watch the sun set over the water in an array of dazzling colours. As you head back home, you'll already be making plans to return.

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    A wild adventure at Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary

    Whether you love wildlife, or just want a peaceful weekend getting in touch with nature, head to the Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary, 130 km away from home. You'll be there in around 2 and a half hours, so get onto NH 55 and enjoy the smooth uninterrupted ride to Angul, before taking a detour to Pampasar. You'll find the road a bit rocky, so tell your wife to hold on to you tight (as though you needed an excuse!) You'll soon start riding through dense forests, and reach the Mahanadi River. Get off and watch the sunlight quietly glittering off the water; sit on the banks, dangling your legs in the river. As your drive around, you're sure to see some signs of life, with creatures of all sizes wandering around. Hold your wife if she's nervous, and silently observe the beauty of these untamed creatures. You can check into one of the many hotels in the Sanctuary for a completely wild weekend. The next day, head to Tikarpada for some crocodile sighting, boating and other activities. Other lovely places like Binikei and Sitalpani are close by, for some more tranquillity and sightseeing. Soon enough it will be time to go, and you can head back home with many new memories, and a desire to stay longer.

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    Ride to a sandy beach paradise!

    We can't talk about Odisha without a mention of Gopalpur. You can be there in less than 3 hours, since this charming coastal town is just 170 km away from home. It's a simple route on NH5- a beautiful ride with straight roads, greenery surrounding you and the Eastern Ghats looming grandly in the background. Once you reach, get off your bike and luxuriate on the stunning beaches. Get into the clear water and frolic to your hearts' content. Climb the lighthouse on the short and get some stunning photos of the view from the top. The nearby temples and ruins give the surroundings a charming quaint feel. You and your wife won't want to leave this beach paradise, except to visit the nearby Chilka Lake for boating and bird watching, and the nearby Berhampur, where you can surprise your wife with a silk sari, which the town is famous for. A long and pleasant ride back will end the perfect weekend, for the perfect couple.

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    So hop on your bike and set out on a journey with your true love- A journey of adventure, beauty, love and joy.

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