• Couple #4

    Meet Virat Mishra, a former Army Major, and his wife, Divya, as they join us on the fourth leg of the ‪#‎ZingZongRide‬‬.

    Watch how Virat decided to surprise Divya and rekindle the flame of their marriage.

  • Couple #1

    Watch Harish and Kaveri, kick off #ZingZongRide as they ride through Karnataka. This is their first real trip together despite being married for one year! Will the Zing Zong Ride bring the missing romance into their marriage? Watch our first webisode.

  • Couple #2

    Watch Shashank and Shivani, as they give Love a Second Chance. After 10 years of marriage, romance had left their lives. What he did will make you believe in love again.

  • Couple #3

    Jyoti fought cancer with the support of her husband Vinit. Now Vinit wants to erase those unhappy memories and begin a new chapter of romance in their lives. #ZingZongRide

Harish & Kaveri
Shashank & Shivani
Vinit & Jyoti
Virat & Divya
Deb & Riya
Rajiv & Neelam
Suvadhan & Radhika
Rajesh & Madhura

What Is The Zing Zong Philosophy?

The Zing Zong philosophy is about people who never let the excitement go away from their married life. They take every little moment of joy to reclaim the romance in their marriage.

What Is The Zing Zong Ride?

  • An invitation for couples to bring back the Zing Zong in their married life.
  • An epic road-trip, featuring 8 selected couples, that is sure to bring them closer to each other through the joy of riding.

Zing Zong Poll

Tell us how would you keep the romance alive in your marriage.

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