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  • Long Seat

    Discover 100 has the longest wheelbase in its category (1305mm) which complements its ergonomically designed seat profile.
    Both of which make it very comfortable indeed, for the rider and the pillion as well!

  • Long Seat

    Discover has the longest wheelbase in its category, which complements its exceptionally well-designed seat profile.

  • Long Seat

    We now take long rides for hours on end, and I don't feel any discomfort at all while sitting on the backseat.

  • Nitrox Suspension

    Discover 100's Nitrox Suspension uses path-breaking shock absorber technology, which has a travel of 110 m.
    Unlike conventional oil-filled suspensions that run the risk of frothing or bubble-formation, Discover 100 comes with Nitrogen filled suspension which is much more stable and hence provides a smoother and more consistent ride.

  • Nitrox Suspension

    Thanks to Discover's nitrox suspension, my rides have been a lot smoother than usual. The ride feels really sporty, with consistent handling and breaking!

  • Nitrox Suspension

    I always used to cringe whenever a speed bump was approaching! But nowadays, we simply breeze over them on our Discover 100!
    My back thanks you so much!

  • DTS-i Engine

    The revolutionary 94.3 cc 4-Valve DTS-i engine makes fuel combustion so efficient that it generates more power at higher RPMs with maximum fuel economy.
    It delivers about 7.7 Ps power and a CMVR certified mileage of 91 Kmpl!
    Its Molycote piston lowers friction and increases engine life & efficiency. The low maintenance battery reduces the hassles of frequently checking the water levels. The ExhausTec technology provides excellent pulling power even at a low speed in a high gear, thus reducing the need to constantly shift gears.

  • DTS-i Engine

    My Discover 100 gives me much more power than a standard 100 cc bike, with a top speed of 90 Kmph, and amazing mileage of 91 Kmpl!
    With the DTS-i engine, I know that I have the excitement of a quick pick-up at times when I need to show who's the boss on the road.

  • DTS-i Engine

    Since I know the Discover 100 is really fuel efficient, I do not feel guilty asking Sameer to take me on long drives.
    It's so much fun!

  • Alloy Wheels

    Discover 100's new age 10-spoke alloy wheels are structurally rigid, and results in efficient handling, acceleration and braking on all roads.

  • Alloy Wheels

    Apart from looking really amazing, my Discover 100's alloy wheels enhance handling, acceleration and braking.

  • Alloy Wheels

    I think the beautiful alloy wheels make the Discover look extremely stylish, and Sameer tells me they add to the riding experience as well!

  • DC Headlights

    Discover 100's 12V 35/35W DC headlamp ensures a steady beam of light even when the engine is idle or at slow speeds. It does not flicker or dim!

  • DC Headlights

    It's natural that I slow down the bike while maneuvering dark roads. Hence, it is annoying that conventional bike headlights become dim whenever the engine is at a lower speed.
    Discover 100's DC headlamps give me a steady beam of light regardless of the engine speed!
    It does not flicker at all!

  • DC Headlights

    With the kind of streetlights in the city, I used to initially feel slightly nervous when Sameer used to take the bike out at night.
    Nowadays, we regularly go out for long night rides on our Discover 100!

  • Stylish Look

    Discover 100 comes with a range of stylish features that rank it among the best looking bikes on the roads.
    The combination of the muscular fuel tank, premium aluminium side sets and 10-spoke alloys add to the signature Discover look!

  • Stylish Look

    Sporty, muscular and sleek - my Discover 100 is absolutely stunning!
    No other commuter bike looks as awesome on the road.

  • Stylish Look

    The design looks so sporty and youthful! And it comes in a range of lovely colours! All of this makes the New Discover just as stylish as I am!

  • Electric Start

    Discover 100 comes with a standard ES Ignition that makes it unnecessary to kickstart your bike every now and then!
    What's more, the ignition is powered by a low-maintenance battery.

  • Electric Start

    Discover 100's standard electric start feature makes it really suited for traffic-filled city commute. I no longer have to undergo the discomfort of kick-starting whenever the bike stops at a signal.

  • Electric Start

    On our previous bike, I used to get really annoyed when Sameer used to make me get down to kickstart the engine. With the Discover 100, he can start the bike at the push of a button!

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Type Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled
Displacement 94.38 cc
Compression Ratio 9.8 : 01
Max. Power (Ps @ RPM) 7.7 @ 7500
Max. Torque (Nm @ RPM) 7.85 @ 5000


Clutch Wet multiplate
No. of Gear 4
Gear Shift Pattern All down


Front Telescopic, wheel travel 130 mm
Rear Nitrox, wheel travel 110 mm


Front Drum, 130 mm
Rear Drum, 110 mm


Front 2.75 X 17" (Unidirectional)
Rear 3.00 X 17" (Unidirectional)

Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank Capacity 8 Litre full (2.3 Litre reserve)


Type Single down tube


Battery Low maintenance battery
Head Lamp 35 / 35 W
Tail / Stop Lamp LED type
Horn Type & No. DC / one


Length 2040 mm
Width 760 mm
Height 1087 mm
Wheel Base 1305 mm
Ground Clearance 162 mm
Kerb Weight 115 kg
  Discover 100 Splendor Passion Pro HF Deluxe Discover Advantage
Engine 2 Valve 94.3 DTS-i Engine 2 Valve
97.2CC Engine
97.2CC Engine
97.2CC Engine
Patented Twin Spark Ignition engine that offers Best mileage Mileage & Performance
Power 7.7 Ps 7.5Ps 8.36 Ps 8.36 Ps More Power ,More Fun !
Mileage 91 65* 75* 70* Delivering Maximum Miles Per Liter
Brake Drum Drum Optional Disc Drum Not Just Stylish,Unique Petal Disc Shape keeps the Disc Cooler,resulting in Maximum Breaking Power
Suspension Nitrox
Regular Regular Regular Nitrogen Gas Filled Suspension That gives superior comfor even on long rides
Aluminium Side Sets No No No No
DC Headlamp Yes No No No Unlike a regular Headlamp,DC headlamp remains at full brightness even at low speeds,Providing Maximum Safety
Top Speed 90* 82* 82* 85 Efficient 4 Speed Transmission which gives maximum speed
Ground clearance 165 mm 159 mm 165 mm 165 mm High Ground clearance makes handling easy even on Uneven Terrain
Weight & Wheelbase 115 Kg 1305 mm 109 KG 1230 mm 116 Kg 1235 mm 109 Kg 1235 mm Makes every ride a comfortable ride

* As per data published by Zigwheels/Times of India

14.3 BHP power and peak torque
of 12.75 NM both of which are better or at par with
Honda CB unicorn.

PS Balakrishnan


It is an able handler and promises to offer the thrill of riding to those who want that extra performance without sacrificing the comfort.

Abhay Verma


It is definitely good news for motorcycle buyers
in the country, especially for those
who seen a comfortable, easy to ride
and maintain commuter bike that's also
easy on the pocket.

Priyadarshan Bawikar


Discover insanely tempting. With quality, reliability and refinement levels reaching the competition levels, there is no reason why you should not upgrade and get either of these variants because you do need some Josh in your life, don't you?

Mohit Soni


8/10 a more powerful discover
to help you cut down on daily
commute time.

Girish Karkera


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