Bajaj Distinctly Ahead


Bajaj Discover 135 cc is an upgradation over Bajaj Discover 110 cc and Bajaj Discover 125 cc. It has blown the market
from the time of its launch with many buyers from India and outside India lining up to know more and more about the specifications of the bike. The Digital Twin Spark ignition system and NitroX shock absorber, integrated to the bike has
much attraction among the bike buyers. It is available in three colors black, red and blue but the black one has got the maximum buyers due to the much sporty looks.

Sporty Look of the Bike
The look of the bike is powered with. Black finishing. The engine, silencer and shock absorber all have black color.
Both the headlight and the sound of the horn are impressive and attractive. A new tachometer, fuel gauge and a trip meter are added to the looks. Bike has a red and blue strip that gives a great combination to the black color. The seat and handle are positioned well and makes it a complete sports bike.

Engine, Power, Torque
The engine of Bajaj Discover 135 cc is much efficient than the 125 cc Bajaj Discover and it pumps out 13.1bhp @ 8500 rpm and has a maximum torque 1.21 kgm @ 6500 rpm. If compared to the Bajaj Pulsar model the engine pumps out 13.5 bhp @ 8500 rpm and has a maximum torque of 1.25 kgm @ 6500 rpm. The displacements of the two models are also comparable as Bajaj Pulsar displacement is 142.9 cc DTSi and Bajaj Discover 135 cc is 134.2 cc, DTSi. The difference in power and engine is equated by the difference in weight. The weight of Bajaj Pulsar is more than Bajaj Discover 135cc. The tank of the bike can contain 17 L of fuel for Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc and 10 L for Discover 135 cc

Comfort and Ride
The seat and handle are positioned well to make a comfortable ride though the knee won’t fit onto the tank for those having above six feet heights but for average heights it is the best bike. The fatter rear tyre is 100/90 instead of 100/90X17 rear tyre of Bajaj Discover 125 cc. A swing ram pivot section and rubber tray guard at the centre base of the bike makes it much stylish. There is flat chrome filler cap and is an odd one out in the bike. The tachometer is rounded by a supple grip and dogleg levers.

Engineering and Styling
Bajaj’s dual-plug DTSi is used to make the four-stroke engine much efficient. The engine has a single cylinder and is air cooled to facilitate a smooth ride to the biker. The combustion is effective and has Keihin CV carburetor. Armed with friction busting technology like frictions on contact surface and arms mounts are present on the Bike. Clutch is comfortable to use and the four gears can be changed from one to another with much ease. The bike has an O-ring and a well placed drive chain.

The black color is seen all over the coil springs, exhaust finisher, mirrors, handle and chamber. The complete black makes it much attractive with a few strips of submerged different colors. Compared to Discover 125 cc the weight of Discover 135 cc is more by 4 kgs that can be results from the new suspension added to the new bike. The suspension helps the bike to
have a smooth ride. The front suspension is telescopic that checks a travel of 130 mm and is one of the best of its type.
The rear suspension is the Nitro X kind that is similar to the costlier bike the Bajaj Pulsar. Seat and Handle bar are placed
to be much benefiting to the biker giving much stability and superior looks to the bike. The chassis is a double cradle type and is similar to 125 cc model.

Special features
The bike has many features similar to the Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc model and also a few characteristics and parts are borrowed from the Discover 125 cc. The speed of the bike can go up to 105 kph on a good road. The corners and brakes are much effective in any kind of traffic. The fuel efficiency for a crowded city can be 52.1 kpl and for a open road it can go up to
55 kpl. It is a much effective bike with no comparison to other models available as its cost. If is a complete package taking care of the needs of average riders with an trifling cost attached to it.

Some positive and negative specifications of the bike.
The bike when compared to other models like Discover 125 cc and Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc, can be said to be having these extra specifications-
The engine can deliver 57 kpl
It has got 10 L of tank
The high class efficiency of the bike is fitted with a Keihin CV carburetor.
The weight of the bike is 132 kg that is 4 kg more than 125 cc bike.
The new suspension is like the Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc model and is fitted to bear the weight of the bike.
The brakes of the bike are 240 mm. Disc brake in the front.
The chassis of the bike is same as that of 125 cc.
NitroX shock absorbers are same as of Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc.
Maintenance free 12 V battery
Black color all over the bike with red and blue strips to enhance the look of the bike

Some of the issues related to the bike
The bike has been complained by a few bikers about a firing problem at the start of the bike but this problem has not been found among the maximum users, only a few bikers have faced such problem.
The second problem is the slim chain cover almost open type that makes the bike not fit for the professional bikers.
This factor is also a much biased one and can vary for the choice of the biker.
For those having heights above six feet the knee won’t fit onto the tank that can be a problem up to certain extends but again it very from biker to biker.

The price of the bike Bajaj Discover 135cc is between Rs. 56,000 – Rs. 58,000 depending upon the city type. For Mumbai city the bike costs approximately close to Rs. 57,000.The Pulsar model cost is more than Rs. 62,000 in the major cities.

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