Eco Friendly Qute

Today, all major Indian cities are battling air pollution. And it's on the rise. All thanks to private vehicles that alone contribute upto 70% of the pollution. To make matters worse, more private vehicles are being added on the roads each day. To fight air pollution, and to make our cities a better place to live, all we need is a simple solution-Qute.

Electric vehicles may have zero emissions at the tail pipe but they use electricity generated by burning coal. So we are only shifting the source of pollution and not reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Besides, these vehicles have a limited range, so to keep them running we need huge investments in battery charging facilities and battery dispensing stations. Can we afford to wait for all this to happen? No. What our cities need is an Immediate, small and simple solution.

We have the options of Hybrid Vehicle & Electric Car, but are they actually viable? Hybrid Vehicle is a good choice in a developed country, where huge subsidies and incentives are given, but in a developing country like India, the cost of owning a Hybrid Vehicle is way too much.