A rider's happiness lies in the road and the freedom that the road brings along. Every ride has new stories to tell and newer experiences to offer.

The FLG Rides is a perfect gateway, filled with adventures, surreal experiences and countless memories. So saddle up and get ready to "Feel Like God".

Thank You To All The Riders.

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The second edition of FLG Ride saw riders from Southern India embark on an adventurous ride from bengaluru to the serene forests of Wayanad.

Making their way through the winding roads of the Western Ghats, the riders reached Harrison Malayalam Tea Estates nestled deep in the forests.

As the sun came down and the mist filled up amongst the trees, the riders bonded over barbeque, music laughter and bonfire.

The dawn of a new day brought along some more excitement as they trekked across tree bridges and enjoyed the thrills of zip lining.

Having spent two days in the lap of nature, they road back with fond memories and some new friends. Only to come for another such ride and 'Feel like God' again
Cost of the Ride is Rs. 3000/- Once you submit this form, you will get directions to the payment page. You may decide to pay now or later.
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