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Feel the wind on your face and conquer every highway each time you ride on the Avenger Cruise. With its classic cruiser style and liberal chrome highlights, this chariot announces your arrival wherever you go.

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bajaj cruise Bike
bajaj cruise Iconic style and design
Iconic style and design
Timeless Avenger style.
Divine icons are here to stay.
bajaj cruise Highway comfort handle ba
Highway comfort handle bar
Control, now in your hands.
Grace through traffic with God-like ease.
bajaj cruise Engine
220cc DTS-i Engine
A powerful 220 CC DTS-i engine with twin spark plugs to add more power to your rides.
The power to be powerful.
bajaj cruise Oil cooled
Oil cooled
Keeps your engine cool at all the times. To match the feeling of the wind in your face.
bajaj cruise More Chrome
More Chrome
Just the right bit of bling to compliment
the gloss paint finish.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
bajaj cruise Avenger insignia
Avenger insignia
A brand new logo for a whole new identity.
Dawn of a new clan.
bajaj cruise Digital Meter
Digital Meter
Style that chooses to be precise.
Because guesswork is for humans.
bajaj cruise Wide Rear Tyre
Wide Rear Tyre
A stable ride, no matter what the terrain is.
Because God is everywhere.
bajaj cruise Low slung seating
Low slung seating
The best seat on the road.
For the most comfortable long distance rides.
bajaj cruise Long Wheel Base
Long Wheel Base
The perfect cruiser posture, every time you hit the road.
Enjoy the cruise