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  • Proud Indian MNC
    We are an automobile company with global presence and take pride in our Indian roots and values.
  • Be at the forefront of Technological Innovation
    Our vibrant engineering minds consistently conceptualize new ideas, feeding breakthrough technologies and innovative patents at our in-house R&D Center.
  • World class manufacturing
    TPM is the way of life at Bajaj Auto. Latest manufacturing technologies like robotics, automation build quality in our products.
  • Grow with us
    Our organic growth strategy provides numerous opportunities to our employees to climb the ladder of authority and responsibility.
  • Culture of Empowerment
    We provide our employees with high degree of autonomy in their day-to-day decisions and to act on ideas.
  • Fair and Transparent Annual and Quarterly PMS
    Objective goal setting, transparent performance rewards and constructive feedback in our Performance Management System, help you to exceed performance expectations by unleashing your potential.
  • Amongst Top Quartile in Industry Compensation
    Competence and performance are the key drivers of our compensation policy. Best performing employees are awarded with significant rewards.
  • Employee friendly work practices
    Our policies and systems like SAP and ESS, provide transactional ease so that the tedium does not claim your time and leaves you free to take on challenging targets.
  • Superior “Quality of Life”
    Our constant efforts towards employee welfare ensure that our employees enjoy superior quality of life.