Bajaj Distinctly Ahead

Listen to what our employees, fresh and wise, have to say about us.

Mr. Ashish Joshi

Presently working as Manager (R&D)
Joined as Graduate Trainee Engineer
Working with BAL for 8+ yrs

“My prime area of interest is in automotive research and hence I joined Bajaj Auto; but with a prejudiced mind to gain 3 years of valuable experience and then go for MS course. However, the opportunities I got here are beyond my expectations. The key factor, which made me to change my decision of higher studies, is the culture of high individual responsibilities along with lot of freedom to work. Moreover, the senior management is very approachable, communicative and put their faith in the employees who perform. Everybody in the team is inspired to stay ahead of the competition and is obsessed with innovations. This environment has really pushed me to make the most of my Talent and the Strengths.”

Mr. Girish Bhide

Presently working as Regional Manager (Sales – 3WH)
Joined as Regional Manager (Sales – 3WH)
Working with BAL for 1+ yrs

“Honestly! Since I joined Bajaj Auto last year, it has been unmatched experience. Bajaj Auto, as a company, believes in world-class manufacturing systems and it was a great learning experience. At Bajaj Auto, these experiences are shared and replicated in every walk of life, be it sales or network development. All this gave me deep insights into the very way; we did things in the past as a matter of routine, without questioning the fundamentals.

As a company, I can truly say that Bajaj Auto believes in its employees and their capabilities. A good performance is sincerely rewarded, motivating an individual. It also pampers its employees a lot; I can say this with confidence having worked in other organizations. For me, personally, the liberty that the organization provided to me to experiment and learn from it was immensely gratifying. I have become a more thorough and a complete professional.

One last thing that needs to be appreciated is the distinguishing standards of ethics and integrity; the standards set and maintained through some very extraordinary systems are truly awesome!”

Mr. Udayan Shah

Presently working as Assistant Manager (Engine Assembly)
Joined as Graduate Trainee Engineer
Working with BAL for 8+ yrs

“My journey at Bajaj Auto began as a Graduate Engineer Trainee almost 8 years back, which when I look back, has been a very challenging and satisfying time for me. I indeed find myself fortunate to get an opportunity to work with my friends at Bajaj Auto. Bajaj Auto has given me, tremendous exposure to various aspects of business and I get to learn at least one new thing everyday.

Working with Bajaj Auto has been an amazing journey so far. Bajaj Auto is a place for people with the zeal to achieve new heights. I have found an atmosphere that is challenging, at the same time productive, enjoyable and people-oriented. Success to me means values, discipline and dedication. If one is ready to take up the challenges, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.

The flat and non-hierarchical structure of the company allows every individual to interact with the senior management and learn the nuances of managing the organization. Overall, I must state that the DNA of Bajaj Auto (Innovation, Perfection & Speed), aptly summaries the brilliant organisation I work for.”

Ms. R T Sangeetha

Presently working as Assistant Manager (R&D)
Joined as Graduate Trainee Engineer
Working with BAL for 4+ yrs

‘Liberty with defined boundaries’ could be the perfect phrase for the working style at Bajaj Auto. The opportunity to be a part of an organization that is growing and has strong ongoing growth ambitions is extremely attractive.

Bajaj Auto has preserved the essence of India culture wrapped with modern thoughts. Thus falsifying the myth of Automobile industry being a ‘NO woman’s land’ into a sweet experience for many women like me.  Bajaj Auto has mastered the art of striking the chord perfectly, which has enabled us to establish a smooth work-life balance.

Mr. Akhil Utkarsh

Presently working as Assistant Manager (Sales - 2WH)
Joined as Management Trainee
Working with BAL for 4+ yrs

“I began my career with Bajaj Auto as a Management Trainee, almost four and a half years back and I have had a wonderful time working here. One of the best things about Bajaj Auto has been the great culture and team spirit. It is due to this great camaraderie amongst us that Bajaj Auto has now become a second family to me. Bajaj Auto has always stood by and supported me.

Bajaj Auto's core mission is to nurture homegrown talent and guide us to reach our potential. Bajaj Auto is a rock solid company that has a bright future. I am excited to be a part of it.”

Ms. Abha Garg

Presently working as Manager (HR)
Joined as Officer (HR)
Working with BAL for 6+ yrs

"The aggressiveness and agility of the company poses challenges that needs innovative thinking in whichever area you work leading to deep learnings. The key thing that held me responsible in my job is the freedom to experiment and implement my ideas. The journey continues to be interesting and enjoyable."

Mr. Jaimin Trivedi

Presently working as Assistant Manager (Finance)
Joined as Assistant Manager (Internal Audit)
Working with BAL for 2+ yrs

“Bajaj Auto Ltd. is a place where we are free to explore and are encouraged to share new ideas. Bajaj Auto Ltd. seeks those who think creatively and whose inspiring ideas can make a difference. In return, they are empowered to perform to their best. This is what distinguishes us from the rest and inspires us to Innovate, Excel and Lead. It lets us enjoy the spirit of entrepreneurship. You get the freedom to take decisions, calculated risks and the freedom to experiment. Imagine having the resources to influence tomorrow's reality, today.

Bajaj Auto, in real terms, lets us RE-discover our future, to make us Distinctly AHEAD….I am extremely proud of being an element of such a great organization.